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Class Bazaar

Command --+        
 SourceBase --+    
           Arch --+

Bazaar (/usr/bin/baz) is an alternative client for Arch repositories. It is mostly option-compatible, but archive registration is different enough to warrant a separate Command.

['archive'] (required): the name of the archive being used
Method Summary
Override this in a subclass.
  setup(self, args)
Override this in a subclass to extract items from the args dict.
    Inherited from Arch
    Inherited from SourceBase
  doClobber(self, dummy, dirname)
  doCopy(self, res)
  doPatch(self, res)
  doVC(self, res)
  doVCFallback2(self, res)
Override this in a subclass to allow commands to be interrupted.
  maybeDoVCFallback(self, rc)
  maybeDoVCRetry(self, res)
We get here somewhere after a VC chain has finished.
Start the command.
  writeSourcedata(self, res)
    Inherited from Command
  __init__(self, builder, stepId, args)
  commandComplete(self, res)
  sendStatus(self, status)
Send a status update to the master.

Class Variable Summary
    Inherited from Arch
NoneType buildconfig = None                                                                  
str header = 'arch operation'
    Inherited from SourceBase
str sourcedata = ''
    Inherited from Command
Implements __implemented__ = <implementedBy buildbot.slave.commands...
ClassProvides __providedBy__ = <zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvi...
ClassProvides __provides__ = <zope.interface.declarations.ClassProvide...
bool debug = False
bool interrupted = False
bool running = False

Method Details


Override this in a subclass. It should return a string that represents which revision was actually checked out, or a Deferred that will fire with such a string. If, in a future build, you were to pass this 'got_revision' string in as the 'revision' component of a SourceStamp, you should wind up with the same source code as this checkout just obtained.

It is probably most useful to scan self.command.stdout for a string of some sort. Be sure to set keepStdout=True on the VC command that you run, so that you'll have something available to look at.

If this information is unavailable, just return None.
buildbot.slave.commands.Arch.parseGotRevision (inherited documentation)

setup(self, args)

Override this in a subclass to extract items from the args dict.
buildbot.slave.commands.Arch.setup (inherited documentation)

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